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The Special Operations Team for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Specially designated, organized, and selected forces typically conducted by small groups of highly-trained personnel. Emphasizing sufficiency, speed, and tactical coordination; commonly known as "special forces"


Innovation - Driven Solutions for End User Clients and Microsoft Partners 

  • 100% focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 - from NAV 5 to the latest version of Business Central

  • We self-select the most interesting and complex client Use Cases for implementation.

  • The resulting techniques and solutions developed for these business cases remain in our knowledge base repository.

  • Parachute rescue to perform repair or emergency “Show Stopper” implementations for End User  Client companies.

  • When Microsoft Partners do not have the skill sets or sufficient resources to perform Best Practice Business Central implementations.

Next Generation Technologies

We help your business grow, replacing systems that have become outdated.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to provide a single view of information, eliminating the silos created across multiple non-integrated systems. Information to make critical business decisions will be available in real time.

Most businesses start small.  And simple. You went with an out of the box finance system to help you manage the business in the early days. 

Now you've outgrown your finance system.  Or even worse, you've got so many add-ons to manually manage data; you have no single version of the truth.


It's time to look at your first integrated, end to end business system.
We specialize in collaborating with complex small to medium enterprises (SME); providing guidance as your business grows, replacing systems that have become outdated.

Business Central is a highly configurable and

comprehensive solution for the more complex Small and Medium Enterprise.



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